We cover all of Essex and East Hertfordshire.

We are open from 8am till 6pm Monday-Friday Weekends 10am-6pm.

We always aim to provide a same-day appointment, this is subject to availability.

We strongly advise if you feel unwell, including swelling in the throat or mouth, difficulty breathing, light-headedness, blue skin or lips, collapsing or losing consciousness.
You must seek medical help immediately and dial 999.

We strongly advise, do not destroy your own wasp nest. A professional wasp technician with the correct PPE, training and experience should undertake this task. No exceptions.
If one wasp sting could prove fatal, why take such a dangerous risk?

The answer is NO, it makes the situation worse. You are also running a very high risk of being stung.
Wasps are tenacious, they will adapt and overcome creating a new nest entrance. If they are unable to do this externally, they will create internal problems driving their nest entrance inside your home or business, bringing you face to face with the wasps! In this event, exclude all persons and pets from problem area and close the door. If required, proof below the door with a small towel/tea towel and do not re-enter the room.
Please contact us to deal with the problem.

All persons and pet animals must be excluded from all treatment areas before and during and after your wasp nest destruction has been carried out. You are welcome to observe our work from a closed window.

For safety reasons, all persons and pets must be excluded from the treatment area until ALL wasp activity has ceased.
This removes all risk of harm to all persons and pet animals and is set out within our Terms & Conditions.
Once your nest has been treated, depending on the size of the nest, increased wasp activity can last for approximately 1-2 hours.

If in the rare and unlikely event we treat your wasp nest and it does not die, we will return and retreat the nest free of charge. This will be carried out as a priority appointment regardless of availability. For the 2017 wasp season we had no call backs!

If you are 100% sure the nest died naturally and no pesticide has been used to destroy it, you can remove your own wasp nest. Make sure your working environment is safe and take all necessary measures to reduce the risk of harm. For example, if your loft is unboarded use mobile boards, be careful not to step between joists, be aware of confined work spaces, electric wires, water pipes, water tanks, trip hazards, a good light source in a loft is essential. Make sure your ladder is the correct height to gain access into the loft.
Warning, be 100% certain wasp nest is dead before trying to remove it yourself. If in doubt, The Essex Wasp Nest Removal Company remove old dead wasp nests between the months of January-April. This is a chargeable service.

Bees are beneficial to the environment. If honey bee swarm has arrived at your home or business and the bee colony is suspended on tree or building please contact your nearest bee keeper at: https://ebka.org/how-ebka-can-help/swarms/ or http://www.hertsbees.org.uk/swarms/
Most bee keepers will make a charge for their time, expertise and fuel.

Honey Bees in a calm natural environment are passive and will not harm you. If for any reason a honey bee colony is threatened, it has the potential to attack, keep all persons and pet animals away from the bee colony, there is no need to panic.The honey bee colony is lost and is trying to find a location to set up a new home.
Contact your local bee keepers association for help and advice at https://ebka.org/how-ebka-can-help/swarms/ or http://www.hertsbees.org.uk/swarms/

If your local bee keeper is advising the bees cannot be collected, this usually suggests they have taken up residence in a chimney or within the fabrication of a building where they cannot be physically removed.
In this situation, please contact us for further help and advice.

In accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, no variety of bee is protected.
However, it is unethical and unacceptable for any variety of bee to be destroyed without an exceptional and justified reason.